experience new dimensions


 to my magical world of tantra!

Do you want to escape from every-day life and indulge in a truly relaxing and sensual break!?

Let me take you on a magical journey with one of my massages or a love ritual, as we dive into 

a world full of sensuality, eroticism and fulfillment. Slowly and tenderly, with increasing intensity, I love to

build up an indescribable, erotic tension in your body - then diffuse it as if by magic - only to let you surf

on even bigger waves of lust once more. You won`t forget these moments of ecstasy any time soon!

I am of course happy to tailor all of my different massages to your individual desires and fantasies.

Allow me to enchant you in my elegant oasis beautifully set in romantic candlelight and soft, calming sounds 

while I pamper you on a futon and make you forget time and space in this very moment. 

A private atmosphere, absolute discretion and cleanliness are of course guaranteed.

Certainly, you have the opportunity to shower before and after our thrilling rendezvous and I am happy to offer 

you a refreshing drink or espresso.

Namaste, Alice

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