sensual touch Massage

Let yourself and all your senses be taken to a world of scents, touches and sensuality. During this tender and affectionate caressing massage, I touch your whole body very gently - if desired, I also use feathers and / or towels, in order to escort you into a deep state of relaxation.

This massage is a journey to your inner self. Receive and enjoy the exquisite art of touching as a form of worship to your body and your personality. The sensual touch massage is a passive experience.

Tantra Massage

The Tantra massage is a sensual, deep massage which brings the body, mind and soul into harmony with one another. I massage your whole body with attentiveness and sensitivity, including a body to body massage. 

This massage is a passive experience. 

So you can succumb to all your senses, enjoy yourself and relax. In this soothing massage, your genital area (Lingam) is also continually touched, sensitised, massaged and stimulated, so that you can experience an intensification of feeling and / or the delaying of an orgasm. A prostate massage can be included if desired. 

It is a feast for the senses, sometimes soft, sometimes playful, sometimes powerful; relaxation and well-being are interspersed with tingling shivers, which you are permitted to enjoy to the full.

Mauna Massage

Enjoy a  unique experience in this massage! You are being blindfolded so that you can focus more closely on your body and observe the intensity of your feelings. Relax and simply enjoy, feel how your lust and sensory centers awaken and come alive. The Mauna experience can be combined with the other massages if desired.

Maithuna Ritual

The Maithuna ritual is based on mutuality and is one of the most beautiful rituals you can experience. With unimaginable sensitivity, affection and attention, I lead you through this ritual in which a feeling of emotional security, intimacy and attachment is created between us. Close physical contact all throughout the ritual and different massage techniques let us enter another dimension of lust and to experience unique, magical moments. The sexual union (safe) results from the lust and eroticism that develops between us during the ritual.

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