The word "tantra" originates from the ancient Indian language and literally translates as "loom / weave / warp". It focuses on the union of body, mind and soul, the fusion of relative and absolute matters. The diverse, culturally strongly influenced meanings of tantra are generally interpreted in various ways, to some extent also caused the mere age of the tradition with more than 7000 years.

Though tantra is not considered to be a religion, it emerged from the two great world religion Buddhism and Hinduism.

In tantra, women are set equal to and celebrated as the goddess Shakti, men as the god Shiva. The embody the female and male pole. Shakti refers to the lunar energy or the Chinese Yin, whereas Shiva is understood as the solar energy or the Chinese Yang.

In analogy to Yin and Yang, Shakti and Shiva complement each other in an eternal interplay.

Tantric rituals aim at a holistic way of life connecting spirituality and sexuality in order to understand eminent truths. © 2020 all rights reserved.